How to choose a luxury accommodations?


The "luxury" of an accommodation is something very different depending on the people. Some people would love an inspiring place, where others may like a modern and cold atmosphere. We tried to list how our experts are selecting the most luxurious accommodations on this website.

Nicolas, our backpacker expert, loves the details. He is excited by finding the accommodations that makes the difference. He stays away from the traditional big hotel chains because he missed a personal touch.

  1. What is my style? I am looking for a modern or classic hotel.

    There are many different styles of luxury accommodation. You can find either modern or typical hotels but also very personalized rooms. Choose upfront the style you like, where you will feel comfortable. Do you prefer hotels with a classy bar and modern room, or do you prefer a small and cozy ambiance?
    Tip of Nicolas: by checking the pictures, you can easily identify the style of accommodation without having to dig in the detail page of the hotel.

  2. Do I need stars on not?

    Stars do not mean that much anymore since the internet area. What matters is more likely the reviews of the users. It will help you to identify yourself in their appreciations. People may like the location because it's in the center of city and they can find plenty of things to do, where you might be interested in a quiet place to rest. Of course, 4 or 5 stars' hotel are most generally good, but when we do our selection, we always cross check the user reviews at the same time as the hotel stars.
    Tip of Vincent: check the best and the worst reviews, to grasp better what people like/dislike.

  3. Am I looking for specific needs such as indoor pool, perfect location, good eating?

    Every luxury accommodation has his own specificities. Spa, vegan restaurant, golf, concierge, breakfast in the room, etc. You should pick up what you need amongst the selected hotels. Our expert highlight the most interesting features from the long list of characteristics of the accommodations to guide you in this process.
    Tip: check the pictures, they probably highlight these details that you are looking for.

  4. Are you travelling for business or leisure?

    If you travel for business, you might look for a small desk in the room, a lounge where to work, a quiet and peaceful ambiance to relax after work. You will probably dismiss the noisy central accommodations full of tourists. If you are travelling for leisure, you might be more interested in location than facilities. Look at the proximity of the public transportation or the costs of Taxi/Uber to the places you wish to visit. Ensure you have a good restaurant if you feel lazy to go out in the evening after a heavy shopping day.

  5. Check the value for money

    Prices are very fluctuating. Do not hesitate to compare: periods, types of room, special deals, hotel availabilities. Some hotels may be very expensive in the holidays period but much cheaper outside. Check the holidays period of the biggest tourist countries that will go to your destination. offers often many types of rooms, with various prices, chose the most appropriate for your needs.
    Tip of Vincent: If you are not in the hurry, reserve the hotel with free cancellation. Wait a bit and 2-3 weeks before your departure, check if the prices moved or not and eventually do a new reservation and cancel the previous one.

  6. Look at the reviews like a pro

    Check the best and the worst review, that's a good start. Then, pickup randomly 1 or 2 average reviews. If you have specific concerns, take the entire page of reviews, and do a search (CTRL F) in the page to find what people say about it, if it's positive or negative. Tip of Nicolas: avoid the fake reviews. Most of the time, they don't describe the experience, they are just saying "wonderful stay" or something equivalent. Check for the details that only the real people could write.

  7. Check what's happening in the surroundings

    Check the calendar of the city and make sure you know everything about what's happening in the city. If you are looking for some exciting visits, events or parties you will immediately know what you will be able to do during the days and nights of your stay. If you are there for business, select the accommodations that are far from all that.

  8. Where shall I book my hotel?

    These days' people book less directly and more via platforms such as or Tripadvisor. It facilitates the booking and guarantees a certain level of quality. By the way, your credit card details will be safe and you can earn some fidelity points for a later booking./p>

  9. Good luck for your search of a luxury accommodation and enjoy your stay!

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