How real estate impacts luxury accommodations


Luxury accommodations are very often related to real estate.
Indeed, you first need to aquire a building before renovating it to a warm accommodation.
They are many sort of rooms these days:

  • Single room in a house
  • Whole building renovated for an hotel
  • Typical places such as a tree-house or tipi
  • Reuse of material : container, caravans, cars

People have a lot of choice, especially since they opened AirBNB. Every body can rent a room very easily over the web.
You just have a select the city and your preferences to have something nice

Thanks to our partner BNP Paribas Real Estate and Immobilier-France, we had more insights about real estate for hotels


Hotels represent an attractive investment opportunity for investors and offer a number of advantages over other commercial properties: diversification of real estate portfolios, holding structure usually involving only one long-term tenant, historically higher returns. Hotels also make optimal use of space.

BNP Paribas Real Estate Hotels is an international team made up of experienced consultants offering real estate services perfectly adapted to the specificities of the hotel and tourism sectors.

We are able to support you in every phase of the life cycle of your hotel asset:

  • Search for a hotel to acquire
  • Development of a new hotel,
  • Renovation, extension or conversion project,
  • External asset management or independent operational audit,
  • Search for a competent operator or a reliable tenant,
  • Accompaniment in connection with the negotiation of a management or rental contract,
  • An expertise of your professional and reliable assets,
  • Disposal of your hotel assets,

We have the expertise to offer tailor-made advice and support to optimize the value of your hotel heritage.

Our clients trust us for our professional and transparent approach, our in-depth knowledge of both the real estate sector and the hotel sector and our close relations with all major players in the hospitality industry.

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